5 Reasons Equivont Is Doing It Better Than Amazon

Wouldn’t it be nice if equestrians had their own Amazon? Just imagine— a one-stop-site for all of your equine-related needs. You could simply search for whatever your heart (or your horse’s heart) desires. Convenient results pop up on your screen. Easy answers to important questions. No wasted time digging through multiple sources to find what you need.

Oh wait, equestrians have something better– Equivont!

If you haven’t heard of them yet, then your life is about to get a whole lot easier. 

Remember that feeling when you received your first package from Amazon? Joy, relief, and maybe even a slightly addictive thrill. Well, this is even better. You need to know how this equestrian-run business is doing it better than the biggest internet retail enterprise in the history of mankind. 

  1. Shopping for equine-related products on Amazon feels like shopping at Walmart.
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Full disclaimer, I have nothing against Walmart. I love a good Walmart shopping spree. You never know what you’re going to leave the store with, but that’s the problem. You can’t shop at Walmart for something specific.

Like Walmart, Amazon has everything. But where’s the specialization? These corporations know nothing about horses. Shopping there for something horse-related just makes you feel out of place. Not to mention, when it comes to the highly particular demands of horses, it’s uncomfortably risky buying from a company that has no ties to horse knowledge.

Equivont, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for horse products and services. This online store is specialized for equestrians while still providing a massive selection to shop from.

  1. Amazon only sells products, not services.

I take back what I said about Amazon having everything. They only have half of what consumers need. Amazon leaves a gaping hole in their inventory: services.

2-0 Equivont. 

Need a farrier? An equestrian stylist? Lawyer? Hauler? Equivont has you covered. Anything you could possibly need for your horse, horse business, or farm, you can find on Equivont.

The convenience of this cannot be overstated. I say this coming from a place of love: the marketing and communication skills of the horse business world is prehistoric. It’s unnecessarily difficult to find what and who we need. This one-stop-site is revolutionary.

  1. Amazon doesn’t sell horses!

Here’s even more proof that Amazon doesn’t have everything. If Amazon doesn’t sell horses, then what is it good for, really?

Equivont is the only site where you can add a pair of used breeches, some fly spray, a veterinarian, and a new horse to your cart. Remind me again why I’d shop anywhere else? 

  1. Anyone can sell on Equivont.

Equivont gives a platform to the little guys. Whether you’re an individual selling used tack, or a small business looking to connect with customers– everyone has equal, affordable opportunity to promote themselves.

Have you ever seen a non-profit promoted on Amazon? Yeah, me neither. 

Amazon is inaccessible compared to Equivont. Selling on Amazon requires a pricey membership fee and commissions from each sale. Equivont is a much more feasible platform.

  1. Equivont is supporting the industry we love.

Ultimately, nothing beats this perk. Amazon has its place in convenient commerce, but does nothing to boost specific industries. 

Equivont wants horse businessmen and equestrians to succeed. For example, they go beyond sales to provide informative media and helpful guide posts for free, all intended to assist the equine community.

Equivont is what the horse industry desperately needed. For too long, horse businesses have suffered from lack of innovation. Competent sellers were unable to connect with eager customers and clients. That’s finally about to change. It’s time for equestrian businesses to thrive, so that the sport thrives as well.

We’re ready for you, Equivont.

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